Writers block, where is this going?

The last couple of weeks I havnt been sure if it was worth keeping this blog. I dont use it that much any more and there wasnt that many people that really read the posts either but it was a nice way to get a chance to write something longer about World of Warcraft or other stuff. When I look on the posts I have written before there is a lot of repeating the same thing I wrote a couple of posts back but in different settings. What I mean is that I wrote a lot about leveling and gold farming which hasnt changed that much throw out the years in World of Warcraft.. you login, level a character, sell found items, buy other items, craft some items, solo something stupid, do some pvp, join a raid, logout and go to bed, repeat the next day… it gets boring in the long run.

To be fair I think people “enjoy” a youtube video more if it has that kind of content then in a written format. Guides might be better when written and i dont mind writing them either but they kinda need to have the same format like the guides at wow-professions.com or something like tarouwowguides.com where everything is scripted to a video. When i had problems with something ingame i normally started looking at the forums then on youtube and when that didnt help i asked on Twitter instead with the hope that someone had tried the same thing before and could help. Even do im done with World of Warcraft i miss some parts of the game and the people that mad it fun and memorable.


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  1. Jod Says:

    The Question you need to ask yourself is what brings you back here and is it worth keeping. Sadly I haven’t posted on my WoW blog in .. well last time was during the WoD beta, I just haven’t had the time since, and while I know I didn’t have many followers outside guildies I always enjoyed writing for the sake of formalizing my own thoughts as much as reader enjoyment. I keep thinking I’ve left it there for when I have time to continue. So does writing here bring you enjoyment regardless of the audience? if so then always do what brings you happiness.

    • mashi. Says:

      I totally agree with you Jod, this is for me and sometimes even only me. A place where i can rant and clear my head. I still got all posts left that is about gaming etc but set to private for now until im sure what to do with them.

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