Wazup? #warcraft

Ya.. i havnt had much to write about the last couple weeks because i havnt done anything new, just keeping up the same routine. One thing is new and that is that i new got a lv90 horde hunter..

Started finishing the “achievement” of having one toon of each class as both Alliance and Horde at end game levels. The hunter took about 3 weekends, im happy with that because i dont got the time to level during the weeks betweens raids, bgs and farming. Not sure what im going to do with this one but it feels nice to have a toon that is the same class, has same spec, has same keybinds on both sides that i really like to play. My and Selin are going to do some projects together later on since we now both are hunters.

Right now im missing a monk, mage and rogue as Horde. When World of Draenor gets released you will get a option of a lv90 premade so i might take a mage then.. Is it just me or are mages boring to play atm? I had some great moments in Cataclysm as a mage but in Mists of Pandaria i never got the flow back.. Very sad about that. Im never going to level another rogue do, got to much history with that toon i got right now.. it was made for a reason.

Christmas and New Years is coming which means that im going to be with Arathin until the 5 of Jan. A little bit of downtime but i will be around from time to time. We are celebrating Christmas with her family and on New Years we are going out for dinner at Le Rouge, just the two of us. Much needed quality time with great food, drinks and the best girl in the world. I cant complain about that ^^


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