Why did you start a druid? #DruidWeek #warcraft

I need to take you back to the release off TBC and when i started playing WoW. Back then we where six guys that started playing about the same time, i had seen some videos already covering the classes that was in the game and i made Oglain, my warlock.

Once she got geared and i got into raiding my guild needed a tank and after checking around people recommended either a warrior or druid. I started both and got more and more into tanking and since feral back then didnt split into cat and guardien i went hybrid to fill both dps and tank. The more i played it the more i loved it.

Then came a period when i meet Widde and we played alot of paladins, death knights, shamans and warriors but in Cata i decided to go back to druids and now im rolling with two lv90 alliance druids and have all the specs. This time it has been more fun playing the class, it has its problems but if you want a alt or main class that can do so much (tanking, melee dps, caster dps, healing and mount) with very little effort this is the class you should have in your pocket.


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