Going away during Christmas and New Years

I want talk about being away for a longer period in World of Warcraft, like now during Christmas and New Years which is very soon. Some of you are just like me, you got your hardcore character in a raiding or pvp guild and your alts spread around in different kinds of guilds.


Say that you might want stay in these guilds because of some reason. All guilds have there own way of dealing with afk people, some kick them after a week, a month or just let them be a hang around as fillers. Its very different and now when people are selling higher level guilds left to right there is no way to be sure what will happen when your gone.

This is what i do when i need to be away for a longer period or might not use the character for a couple of weeks.

1, Check if the guild has a forum or maybe even a Facebook-page
2, Post that you are going to be away, make sure to be clear on when you are leaving and when you are expecting to be back.
3, Give them some kind of contact information where they can get a hold of you, either Facebook or Twitter should be fine.
4, Send a ingame mail to the GM and maybe a officer that you have spoken to before saying that you will be gone and when you will be back.
5, Send a ingame mail to the people you are playing with in the guild saying the same thing.
6, Write down the name of the guild, the current guild master and officers so you can whisper them when you get back and get another invite, remember that your rep dosent reset with the guild unless you join a other guild.

These are some easy steps that might help you being away and not getting your characters kicked during the holidays.


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