One step closer to getting Thunderfury

Good news! Im happy to be one step closer to getting Thunderfury (


As i was running Molten Core today i got some awesome drops on the warrior! First Magmadar was nice to give me a Core Imp ( now i got both companions from MC.

A couple of minutes later Garr was even nicer by giving me Bindings of the Windseeker! (, Baron Geddon decided to be a jerk do and didn’t drop the other half.

This time i will not give up halfway like i did on the Wotlk paladin and since you don’t have to be in a group to enter Molten Core i will do it every week from now on!

Since we are talking about Molten Core, im also farming Lawbringer on the paladin. Wasn’t playing in vanilla so i cant mog to Grand Marshal but i hope this will make me play the paladin from Cata to 90. Now there is only one thing missing that is the Swift Spectral Tiger but i might have a solution on that to, my local gameshop is going to start selling TCG cards on request by me and some others so i will give that a try. None is showing up on Auction House and if i check other servers the price is way to high for my taste. I know its a very exotic mount but come on? 1 million gold? No thanks.

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