WoW Rumble: Going back to Embersilk farming in Deepholm

Last night i went over my chars that is on Rag to do some bag upgrades on the 90 chars.. With the prices on Embersilk bags starting at 400g i didnt want to waste that much since all three needed new bags which would mean that i had to spend 1600g per char (total 4800g). Thats a lot of herbs or ores in my opinion and the price on Embersilk itself is still to high to just get them from the Auction House.

Loaded up with pots and headed to Verlok Village in Deepholm. Now this place is awesome since mobs almost has a instant respawn time! I dont recommend this spot if you are under 90 and cloth, this place is more for a plate/tank just because of the high respawn rate. I would also recommend that you maybe have a healer with you to have less downtime and do bigger pulls.

I was there for about 1 hour on the warlock and ended up with 700 Embersilk cloth from kills and chests. That is really good!

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