WoW Rumble: Tailoring 400-500

Today we are doing the Embercloth section in tailoring. The Northrend cloth perk, that we have talked about before, also works in Cata content.

Now, during Cata everyone was saying the same thing, get a potion of treasure finding and go to Deepholm and you will be done in no time. I can tell you now that this still works and its stupid effective but i guess Blizzard reacted on the complains about Frostweave in Wotlk ;) Pick up some pots on AH or make them and go to Deepholm. I went to Stonehearth, in the south-west corner, where you can find dwarfs fighting stone troggs.

A little bit north of the hub, you can find two nice areas where you can do 20+ mob pulls. As people might remember im a destruction warlock which mean i don’t have to channel my Rain of Fire and that is a big plus when you are going to do this.

You run in, Rain of Fire once or twice on each group and then run to the middle when you got the aggro. When you got everything close you are going to use Fire and Brimstone and Immolate, together with Soul Leech, Glyph of Siphon Life and maybe Ember Tab you should not have any problem keeping yourself up as long as you refresh Rain of Fire and Immolate when needed. I did this at 88 and they hitted me for about 2k so track your hp when the pull is getting big.

I spent a hour here and ended up with a total of 520 cloths. That is about half the mats you need to get throw this section! Just amazing! Should record a video but i bet you can find stuff like this already on youtube.

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