WoW Rumble: Tailoring 300-400

We are heading into Northrend to finish the Frostweave section in tailoring. The drop rate on Frostweave is awful and everyone that has farmed these will agree with me. Since people isn’t active in this content now, unless they are leveling, the prices on AH can be stupid high. Why? Well, many ding 80 looong before they even come to Icecrown now and goes straight to Mount Hyjal instead.

There is no instance that has a good droprate aswell so you have to go out and actually farm them. Some of you might think that im just stupid and saying that the drop in HoL, HoS and PoS is just fine with the perk but think about how big these instances are and can you really do it that fast so you hit the limit of five instances in a hour? Solo this content as a cloth and doing bigger AoE pulls like we can do in Hellfire Ramparts?.. Na i dont think so.. Do it if you want but im not even going to try.

What are the option? If you go to wowhead and check out the comments most places they refence to are in Icecrown and i have to agree that this zone is the best place to farm in. I have had a good drop rate so far killing Converted Heros, i did try the Onslaught Harbor-area to the west and yes the drop is good but there is only one good spot where you can AoE pull and that is outside and inside the cathedral, one pull is about 20 mobs and they have a chance of dropping 2-4 cloths each but these mobs reset very slow so get ready for some downtime.

The place i like the most is the Ebon Blade daily area in the north-west corner of the map where they are fighting, decent amount of mobs and the reset is very short so check does out!

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