WoW Rumble: Tailoring 1-300

Yes its done! The worst part is over i think and hope, no im not going to do a profession guide post. There are already so much info but this but i will recommend you to cheak out the guides at These guys are doing a awesome job putting together there guides and keeping them updated for us, i use them everytime im doing a profession swap.

Made about 50k extra gold just before Darkmoon Fair started so i decided to spend them on something useful and with prices on bags and a the warlock being without any profs the choice was easy. Started on sunday thinking that i could get 600 during the evening but it wasnt that easy.

The prices on cloth was higher then i suspected, was thinking that with people coming back to level up monks there should be alot of mats on AH and there are but the prices is way to high for my taste. Got the money but considering how easy it is to get the mats needed i went farming on Miskhi, my 85 guardian druid.

I will break it down for you as a alliance:
260 Linen Cloth, go to Deadmines.
135 Wool Cloth, go to Stockards.
780 Silk Cloth,  go to SM Cath.
396 Mageweave Cloth, got to Stratholme (not service).
780 Runecloth, go to Hellfire Ramparts.
790 Netherweave Cloth, go to Blood Furnace.

Yes, i did something wrong when i farmed this time. I did not use a charactur that had tailoring already which should give some extra cloth drops but the perk Northern Cloth Scavenging does not work until you hit any Northrend content. In Cata, tailors over 400 has a 50% extra chance to get more cloth so i will be on the warlock to get the rest of the mats until 600.

Fyi, to get the Northrend perk you need to visit the trainor in Dala and do a quest.

I picked up about 3 – 4 stacks (60-80 cloths) per run which gave around 300 – 400 a hour when i got to Cath.. Yes, i say a hour because i blasted throw these instances in the end so fast that i hited the limit of five instances with in a hour every time when i started on a new cloth type :)

If you instance farm like i do on Miskhi, which means trying to do as big pulls as character possible you will get throw the list very fast. Recommend that you have atleast two different characters that you farm on and that it is a class that has a charge or something that can give you some distance when there are mobs that can slow or stun.

Nothing has happend on Miskhi really more then i bought all crafted MoP starter gear since the gear was really out of date, didn’t have the time to gear her since the focus was getting the the warlock to 85 at that point.

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