Get back in to gaming..

7 July, 2015

After i quit playing World of Warcraft i have been trying to find something to replace that with, something that i really can get in to.. To be fair, the last 3 months i was basically just goldfarming to hit the goldcap once again, after that i quitted. Im looking on other titles to play right now because i want to get back in to gaming.

A couple of our friends have been talking about Guild Wars 2 so after the expansion gets released i think im going to try that. There is a lot of stuff to do in that game that i might like and do my own thing with.. There are some other titles ofc that might work to but small steps right, i can always start playing LoL, HotS and Diablo even do that click-to-move isnt really my thing.

Have to wait and see how i feel after the summer, it might just be that im bored..


22 July, 2014

Wzaup? Not much happening, just waiting on WoD like everyone else.

Afk – im working

11 February, 2014


The updates has been very few the last couple of weeks and its because im working alot atm and getting home late. Im also trying to do other stuff that keeps me going and motivated, in short I dont got any playtime to write about. Last time i was active ingame, more then checking mails/guildstuff, was before Christmas and it feels very good to take this break. I logged in on sunday and just kept flying around in Org healing myself, thats how boring the game is. I will be back but not sure when it will be but i miss my druids.. When i get back there are going be some changes do.

I just had a week of eduction in Support employment and we are on the final year of the projects im working with so there is alot of reports that needs to be done to prove that our projects actually had some effect the last 3 years. Eitherway im making progress at work and that is whats matters the most. Valentine is coming up and im going to Arathin in Sthlm. We are going to make this year a little bit special, of course we are going out for dinner but we are also spending the night at hotel not far from the restaurant. The meny is really nice and just the fact that we dont have to do anything at home or take care of any mess the day after is priceless. Its going to be very relaxing and we are really exited about it. Good food and Arathin, all i will ever need to be happy.

You can always come by and say Hi on Twitter or Facebook where im more daily, i hope you all are good and until next time. Stay safe.

Wazup? #warcraft

13 December, 2013

Ya.. i havnt had much to write about the last couple weeks because i havnt done anything new, just keeping up the same routine. One thing is new and that is that i new got a lv90 horde hunter..

Started finishing the “achievement” of having one toon of each class as both Alliance and Horde at end game levels. The hunter took about 3 weekends, im happy with that because i dont got the time to level during the weeks betweens raids, bgs and farming. Not sure what im going to do with this one but it feels nice to have a toon that is the same class, has same spec, has same keybinds on both sides that i really like to play. My and Selin are going to do some projects together later on since we now both are hunters.

Right now im missing a monk, mage and rogue as Horde. When World of Draenor gets released you will get a option of a lv90 premade so i might take a mage then.. Is it just me or are mages boring to play atm? I had some great moments in Cataclysm as a mage but in Mists of Pandaria i never got the flow back.. Very sad about that. Im never going to level another rogue do, got to much history with that toon i got right now.. it was made for a reason.

Christmas and New Years is coming which means that im going to be with Arathin until the 5 of Jan. A little bit of downtime but i will be around from time to time. We are celebrating Christmas with her family and on New Years we are going out for dinner at Le Rouge, just the two of us. Much needed quality time with great food, drinks and the best girl in the world. I cant complain about that ^^

How to keep track on things #warcraft

6 November, 2013

Today I’m going to write about something that many of you that has multiple alts across different realms might have problem with.

I have tried different types of addons to keep track with but nothing has worked the way i wanted especially not offline. In the end i went back to writing down everything by hand but i tend to write all different kind of stuff at the same time so all notebooks get filled very fast.. Stats, items, players to look up on armory, mats to craft things … you know how it is because I’m sure you do the same thing.

A couple of chars is no problem to keep track of in your head. What raids you have done this week, older raids that you are farming for transmog etc etc. When you start getting up to five or teen chars its to much to track mentally especially if you got a job like i do which is keeping track of people and numbers all day.

So i started to transfer my checklists in to a Excel-document instead. In this document i got pages with what level characters are at, what professions and level they are, drops i got on farm in old raids … all kinda stuff that needs to be done on a weekly basis. I got the same file on Google Doc so i can add stuff when im at work or sitting on the bus on the way home. Im not a big fan of Excel, even do it is my main work tool but it has helped me lot to get more organized when i play as little as i do at the moment.

Six Secrets to Success

2 October, 2013

Secondary professions #warcraft

27 September, 2013

The last couple of days i have been thinking, why isn’t mining, herbalism or skinning a secondary profession like archaeology and fishing? All of them are gathering profession anyways so why not?. This is how i see it, you have crafting professions and support professions.

Crafting professions
cooking (which is secondary already)

Support professions
mining which supports jc+bs+eng
herbalism which supports alch+inscription
fishing which supports cooking
skinning which supports lw

Misc professions
first aid

My point is that it would be more beneficial for everyone to make every support profession a secondary profession and free up a main profession slot.

To finish off #monkweek ……. DING! #warcraft

22 September, 2013

Was monk just a thing? I dont know but the numbers are saying so atleast if we check @wowcynwise tweet from the 9 sept it says that monks are at the bottom with 5,47 %. You know how it is when a new class gets introduced, everyone starts one and then returns to there mains once raiding or pvp seasons starts.

I was very against the class in the beginning i have to admit it but just to know how some of the mechanics worked i started one and right away i found so much similarities with druids and shamans that getting to 70 went so darn fast. At 80 i deleted that char but a couple of days later Selin asked if i could help him level so i started over. Me being me and Selin just being lazy we LFD-farmed with me as mistweaver/windwalker with looms, panda, lv25 guild and some event buffs. A week later we hit 80 and i bought a guild to store mats for the 250k gold series so now its not worth deleting it.

These reflections are from my own leveling in 5 man content. As healer i think the class is good but some mechanics is a little bit strange but everything works but dont rush things, as damage and control the class is just fine but again tanks rule in low level content. As a tank.. i dont know because i havnt played it that much to get into it.


Will i keep playing the class at 90? I dont know, maybe if i need to farm something but never as a main but that can always change. Right now im going to sit on a pole in Peak of Serenity for a couple of days … To be continued ^.^

That’s a hunter weapon!! #hunterweek #warcraft

8 September, 2013

When i started playing hunters we still had mana, quiver, need ammo and every hunter rolled need on any weapon that was in the game.. do you remember that? We have come along way since then.

In the beginning there was a love-hate relationship between me and the class specially every darn night elf or blood elf that was named Legolas -,- Ooo the hate. I was playing horde so it was even sweeter doting or chopping them to pieces if they were night elfs. In the end i started a orc to twink but as i came to level 19 i wanted more. The levels went fast and that char got to 60 before i stopped playing it. I took a break from the game for a couple of months and totally forgot it was there when i came back at the start of Wotlk.


When humans got hunters in Cataclysm i picked up the class once again with the idea of a full loom char at 39, just to have some fun on but it did not end at 39 this time either and im very happy that it didn’t. For me i think the reason why i like hunters is that they have alot in common with warlocks. They both have good dots, straight attacks together with some micromanagement for pets and cc with traps etc. That has been the key elements that match my playstyle.  I guess many have covered specs, pets so im not going to bore you with that tonight instead im going to tell you to try this class because i dont think you can get a better start point to this game.

Now we just want to become demon hunters in 6.0 ;)

Why did you start a druid? #DruidWeek #warcraft

29 August, 2013

I need to take you back to the release off TBC and when i started playing WoW. Back then we where six guys that started playing about the same time, i had seen some videos already covering the classes that was in the game and i made Oglain, my warlock.

Once she got geared and i got into raiding my guild needed a tank and after checking around people recommended either a warrior or druid. I started both and got more and more into tanking and since feral back then didnt split into cat and guardien i went hybrid to fill both dps and tank. The more i played it the more i loved it.

Then came a period when i meet Widde and we played alot of paladins, death knights, shamans and warriors but in Cata i decided to go back to druids and now im rolling with two lv90 alliance druids and have all the specs. This time it has been more fun playing the class, it has its problems but if you want a alt or main class that can do so much (tanking, melee dps, caster dps, healing and mount) with very little effort this is the class you should have in your pocket.